Virtualization Services

It seems there is not a facet of IT Infrastructure planning in today’s world where you don’t come across the buzzword … Virtualization.



So what is all this talk about virtualization? Virtualization lets one server do the job of multiple computers, by sharing the resources of a single computer across multiple environments. The principle behind virtualization is the use of software to create a virtual machine (VM) that emulates a physical computer. 


Ronco’s team of experienced consultants and engineers have the breadth of knowledge and experience to advise on the most appropriate virtualization platform for your organisation. As we are solution agnostic, we can offer independent advice on the most appropriate solution based on your current and future organizational requirements.   

  • Green IT – Improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint

  • Scalability – Allows infrastructure to grow as your business does

  • Efficiency – Deliver applications in an efficient and scalable way

  • Consolidation – Utilize less space, less power, less hardware to operate the same or larger application environment

  • Cost control – Reduce capital costs and management costs through less hardware and reduced infrastructure administration

  • Resilience – Leverage inherent benefits of virtualization including high availability and business continuity

RSPD - Virtualization Services