Unified Communication Services

Unified Communications (UC) makes communications and collaboration vastly more productive, efficient, and simplified for users. Designing, implementing, and managing such solutions can be challenging and complex. Successful UC solutions require an organization to prepare and align three supporting technology groups; Server Infrastructure, Telephony, and Data Networks. Success hinges on preparation and a deep understanding of existing environments, organizational goals, timelines, and project objectives before proceeding.


We help bring together your organization’s technology leadership to align your organizational objectives with your UC platform. With a solution that depends on many areas of your IT and telecommunications infrastructure, our goal is to identify requirements, architecture details and minimize unexpected project costs and delays. By focusing on your communications objectives throughout the project, together, we can build a comprehensive UC solution to meet your organizational goals.

Beginning with the fundamentals

Our unified communications team has extensive experience working with various tools that integrate into key business applications. From user availability and call forwarding rules to call center management, our team can help select and implement the appropriate tools for each unique business - increasing collaboration and improving customer service.

We are ready

  • Unified Communications Consulting

  • Vendor Neutral (Lync, Cisco, Avaya etc)

  • Planning and designing Unified Communications projects

  • Solution deployment and configuration

  • Validation and Maintenance