Documentation Services

Today’s IT Infrastructure network is a combination of complex, configurable and constantly changing systems and processes. Too often have we seen IT departments or business line managers seeking answers to questions about their ‘IT Systems’ and spending valuable searching for but not finding because there is no documentation or road map to lead the way. Simply stated, IT documentation is a written record of all the configuration settings on the components of a network. These components include servers, applications, routers, switches, databases, and more. Your IT documentation should provide a central repository of all the relevant information for these settings, their impact, and their values or options.

Due to the increasing demand for a decreasing supply of trained IT professionals, staff turnover can be high. Therefore, an efficient method of knowledge retention and transfer is crucial. The right documentation becomes the basis for training new staff with up-to-date information.


We know the dangers and can help

Our professionals have seen first hand too many organizations rely on ad-hoc, reactive, or little or no proper documentation, leaving themselves vulnerable to substantial time and financial costs should their IT systems fail or their regular “IT guy” move on.


At Ronco, we guarantee to deliver concise, logical and easy to follow documentation which will enable you to analyze the present and plan for the future. Ronco can help you update your knowledge of your IT systems so that you can make better informed strategic decisions regarding their use.

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