Ronco Metrics

At Ronco Metrics, our skills sets, focus, approach and delivery centers around the Microsoft Dynamics suite of solutions. 


Our forte is Microsoft Dynamics Great PlainsCRM and Office 365.


We manage data and ensure that your business reporting is meaningful, content rich and accurate whether you are a business, acquisitive by nature and managing varied and multiple accounting platforms to one that has specific reporting and data capture needs. Our consultative team has the expertise, qualifications and training to deliver. We understand business and the importance of data, whether garnered from accounting or a lead management platform; "information is power"; the power to make the right decision. The importance of data, whether accounting or lead management, cannot be over-stated as with the old adage, "information is power"; the power to make the right decision.


Via tailored Professional Service Agreements, we can transform your system to what you need.

  • XRM

    The principle and practice of applying CRM disciplines and technologies to other core enterprise constituents, primarily partners, employees and suppliers... as well as other secondary allies including government, press, and industry consortia. Doug Laney - via Wikipedia

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    At just $50 per user, per month, Powerful CRM software delievered as a cloud service from Microsoft, providing instant-on anywhere access, predictable pay-as-you go pricing, and a financially backed service level agreement (SLA).

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Comprehensive out-of-the-box business management functionality, from operations management and financial management to human resource management and manufacturin. Simple to learn and use, Microsoft Dynamics GP works with your exsisting technology and scales as you grow to deliver long-term value.

  • Microsoft Office 365

    Starting at just over $8 /user per month, Microsoft Office 365 is secure anywhere access to professional email, shared calednars, IM, video conferencing, and document collaboration.