Ronco Support

At Ronco, we offer a true, rapid service response, pro-active maintenance, remote support and a voice at the end of a phone, as key drivers of our commitment to our clients. These form the basis of our service delivery philosophy, honed over many years of providing IT support in the Cayman Islands and remote support across other jurisdictions.


‘We keep it simple, uncluttered, uncomplicated and personal’.


The Ronco Helpdesk is available to support you with regards to your IT issues, requests and questions and provides end to end ownership of the support ticket through to resolution.  The Helpdesk acts as the nodal point between you and Ronco and proactively keeps you informed of all relevant service events, actions and service changes that are likely to affect you. You engage us to engage you.

Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements

Talk to us about our calendar, Month-to-Month Service Level Agreements (SLA). Our offerings are flexible and straightforward, allowing you the ability up upgrade or downgrade ‘on the fly’, with no penalties. Our philosophy is based on the sage premise that it is you who should control your IT, not us.


All SLA clients are treated with equal importance regardless of size or volume. You will find that our SLA program is structured in a manner that allows you to have greater control over the relationship than would otherwise be possible, if bound by stringent and restrictive terms and conditions. We shy away from complicated ‘all you can eat style buffets’, with limitations and wear and tear exclusion policies.  A simple, staple and organic meal of tiered IT service, with fractional billing, and a one rate fits all, is the reason why we continue to service the same clients, on these agreements, a decade on.  


"We always drive to achieve service excellence; it’s a human to human engagement."