Ronco Healthcare

Are you considering the transition to an Electronic Health Record (EHR)?

Does your current EHR infrastructure provide you with the meaningful reporting and efficiencies required to be profitable?

Does the EHR platform that runs your facility enable you the duty of care you are aiming for and the quality of healthcare you desire?

Is it time to consider implementing 21st century clinical conveniences like RTLS and campus Wi-Fi?

Are you interested in adding a state-of-the-art Nurse Call System to your Unified Communication platform?

At Ronco we understand the field of options is vast. Making the right choice, whilst minimizing costs and maximizing the financial benefits, can seem a daunting task. Who can you turn to for objective and subjective insights that will in turn enable you to table questions and receive valid answers?  Researching the right platform for your environment is in and of itself time and money consuming. 

  • ‘Right’ platform

  • ‘Right’ company

  • ‘Right’ decision

  • ‘Right’ cost

  • ‘Right’ time

All of our time is valuable and it is best spent doing what we excel at. We have the tools and domain knowledge and experience to assess your needs, analyse your workflows and deliver to you a solution that will fit your budget expectations and the way you practice healthcare. We keep our fingers on the pulse of the EHR Healthcare IT market so you don’t have to.

We can help you determine the Five ‘R’s

Financial & Human Capital Management


Supply Chain and Asset Management


Full Reporting, Results and Metrics


Pharmacy Solutions


Real-Time Claims Adjudication

Choosing the right practice management and certified EHR software is one of the most significant business decisions you will make. However, before you take the leap, there is much to consider. Our single platform Health Informatics Suite offers elaborate functionality in areas such as;

Financial & Human Capital Management

Supply Chain and Asset Management

Full Reporting, Results and Metrics

Pharmacy Solutions

Real-Time Claims Adjudication

  • Revenue Cycle

    • Inpatient / Outpatient Billing
    • Payor Management and Eligibility
    • Claims Scrub & Processing
    • Receivables and Cash Management
  • Patient Care

    • Master Patient Index
    • Registration, Appointments, Scheduling and Transfers
    • Outpatient Management
  • Clinical Information & Support

    • Electronic Medical Record, CPOE and Reporting
    • Inpatient / Outpatient / Retail Pharmacy
    • Fundamental Laboratory, Radiology and Operating Room
    • Trauma and Emergency Care

What differentiates us and sets us apart from other vendors is a unique approach:

  • Our solution is web enabled, multi-currency and multi-lingual

  • We can tailor cost to your budgets and present a variety of payment methods to suit your terms

  • With a core focus entrenched in IT, we can deliver the entire spectrum of IT services, solutions, guidance and direction upon which your HER shall reside.

  • We present our EHR as a bundled offering that includes specifically architectured IT infrastructure to meet your current and future data and growth needs.

  • We deliver peripheral solutions including Point of Care and Mobility (mobility solutions that ensure clinical point of care is delivered efficiently and precisely), Asset management and Nurse Call Systems.

Our team of professionals can help you select, implement and manage the right healthcare information management solutions.

We ask the right questions via an initial discovery phase to engage you in meaningful and tailored dialogue. Ask us about our free assessment form for your facility today.